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Exchangeable intergenerational activities

Activities  between college students and  older people:

Exchangeable intergenerational activities among seniors and university students.

Theme: Talking  about their lives (May–August 2017)

Exchangeable  activities  between college students and  older people.

Interchangeable  activities among  seniors with healthy and  unhealthy  conditions 

A regular display of digging sweet potatoes, which is called “imohori-event” by KIZUNAKAI, as one of the Isehara Alumni Association of  Waseda University (IAAWU) clubs.
The IAAWU held a display of digging potatoes for older residents of a nursing home on October 21, 2020.

This event has been held every autumn for the past 12 years. The staff  attending the display comprises both IAAWU and nursing home workers. In total, 40 people participated in the imohori-event. Mt. Oyama, a famous mountain in Kantou area is in the background. 

Nursing home residents and  day care inhabitants enjoyed digging and eating sweet potatoes during the half day display. The staff were also satisfied with their attendance.

Mr. Hayao Wada, Vice president of IAAWU and chief of the KIZUNA KAI noted that older adult participants and staff were pleased to have  attended to the regular imohori-event and enjoyed digging and eating sweet potatoes. He said that everyone was contended watching the scene, and smiling, eating and  talking with each other as they anticipated seeing each other next year at the same place.

As a result of experiencing this event, I hope that the intergenerational activity will continue to be held with young persons, including grandchildren, in attendance.

(written by  Mr. Koichi  Yaguchi)